About Us

Ponza SA is an independent physical energy trader and distributor of Petroleum, Natural Gas and their consumable derivatives. We source refined oil products from different countries, have strategically-located infrastructure worldwide, and work with partners and customers across Europe, Middle East and Asia-Pacific regions.

With our diversified network and strong industry expertise, we leverage to access, support and extensively trade in international Oil markets in collaboration with partners and customers across the regions.

With our headquarters strategically located in Geneva, the one of world’s major commodity trading hub, we are well positioned to serve and meet the ever-increasing demand of physical commodities from our Customers across the region and capitalize on the potential business opportunities.

At Ponza, every single trade goes through a structured and measured risk management process, enable us to effectively manage the risk inherent in commodities trading, has a fundamental role in Ponza’s sustained development and stability.

Our integrated regional network enables us to supply and deliver shipments of premium quality petroleum products on time with desired specs across the region. With our highly established network and infrastructure, we have access to broad range of products with blending capability to meet the specific standards of each country we supply and also gives us the adaptability to efficiently cope with the dynamic and volatile market situations.

We pride ourselves on being able to supply exactly what the client needs. In cases where the exact specification of the product is not readily available, we have the expertise through our network of agents and inspection companies to blend the product to meet every local specification.

Company Policy Statement:

It is the policy of Ponza SA that, the company is committed to comply with the sanctions laws and regulations of the United Nations (UN), the European Union (EU) and the United States(US) including the Office of Foreign Asset Control of the US (OFAC), as well as all applicable sanctions laws and regulations in the jurisdictions in which the Company operate. The Company does not transact or deal business of any kind that the Company believe :
– that may violate the applicable sanctions laws, directly or indirectly,
– involve individuals, entities, or vessels listed on an official sanctions list by the UN, EU, OFAC or the local regulatory sanctions list whether directly or indirectly.
– are residing in, or operating from a sanctioned country/location.