Energy & Commodity Trading

Physical Trading is at the heart of Ponza’s business, headquarted in Geneva. Ponza’s growth and success as an established trader of physical energy and commodity is built upon a foundation of operational and managerial excellence.

We combine the core competencies of marketing, logistics, financing, risk management and compliance with the knowledge and insights gained from sustainable supplier and customer relationships and world community. Leveraging this foundation enables us to identify and capitalize on the potential opportunities in the global commodities marketplace:

Our diversified network, infrastructure and logistical capabilities enable us to source physical commodities and deliver them to locations basis demand. Through blending or the multi-use petroleum products, we create added value products.

Ponza operates stringent quality controls at each & every stage of our supply chain to ensure the products & services we offer our customers comply with all relevant national and international regulations & legislation.

Our safeguards and procedures provide a secure yet dynamic framework aimed at minimizing our environmental footprint, whilst upholding our operational integrity and prioritizing the health & safety of our employees.