Chartering & Operations

We have a team of highly qualified and skilled chartering and operations professional who ensures that the quality of shipping is par excellence. Our team of quality controllers works diligently to make sure that they cater to the needs the product are free from any defect and are able to stand up to the expectations of the clients. Our team remains in constant touch of the clients to understand what they require and to be able to satisfy them with the same.

Ponza SA’s chartering and operations team brings a wealth of experience and attention to detail for the critical elements, to save our clients time and money. Our chartering team provides commercial management for the Ponza SA’s fleet, comprising of both owned and chartered vessels. Our operations team works closely with chartering to ensure that each voyage is meticulously organised down to the last detail.

The operation teams coordinate almost every facet of a voyage, from loading and discharging to port calls, from trans-shipment and bunkering to tank cleaning and weather routing. They also ensure that the ships are fully prepared for the cargoes that have been fixed for them, and also efficiently coordinate the critical communication taking place among our customers, ship owning and chartering groups, as well as third-party owners, agents, and ship-management teams.

The chartering and operations teams work in close coordination to ensures that each voyage proceeds and completes smoothly and in line with the expectations of our customers and all other stakeholders.
From locating the right ship, in the right place, at the right time and at the right price, to tracking the voyage and addressing post-fixture issues – our mariners’ experience and professionalism ensure successful voyages for our clients.